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Among traditional financial investments, bonds are often considered as a reassuring type of investment: with regular coupon payments and principal repayment at a known date.

However, the bond market is not a homogenous world. Governed by numerous factors, it offers its investors a wide variety of solutions including: fixed rate bonds, floating-rate bonds, subordinated bonds or inflation-linked bonds.

The choice of investment in bonds depends on many variables, such as the economic context, inflation expectations and issuer quality.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management specialists are at your side to help you fully understand this universe and assist you both in the selection of your bonds and, if you may so require, in the construction of a diversified bond portfolio.

Our Expertise

You get access to both primary and secondary markets and clear advice when opting to invest in sovereign bonds and corporate bonds.

Our bond specialists employ in-house and external research and analyses to identify the type of bond to buy or avoid in light of developments in the economic cycle. They can offer you a select a list of bonds recommended for purchase (sectors, issuers, durations, ratings) on the basis of shared convictions.

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